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The mass transportation of Pingtung City is mainly by means of Taiwan Railway and Highway Passenger Bus to Pingtung station. However, it is not the center of the majority of trips around the city. Therefore, to expand the public transportation services, the Pingtung City government had planned to adjust the routes of the city bus and combine them with the public bike rental system, providing railway and highway bus as the main way, city bus as the secondary way, and bike along with pedestrian as the final way of a public transit network service.

In view of this, in order to use bikes as the “last mile” transportation mode, we plan to build Pingting City bike rental system, combined with other transfer transportations such as Taiwan Railway and Highway Passenger Bus, with different electronic tickets or credit cards. Besides satisfying daily transportation needs of Pingtung citizens, we also make all the efforts to turn bikes into a new tourist transportation when visiting Pingtung so as to make Pingtung a lower carbon city.

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