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    Pingtung Public Bicycle Rental System "P-bike" Terms of Service

  1. Services
    Pingtung public bike rental system ( the“System” ) is an automated location-to-locationbike rental service (the “Service”) provided by Pingtung county government.

  2. Registration
    Refers to people who use electronic tickets issued by iPASS corporation (the “iPASS“) after registration at the Pingtung public bike’s official website, Kiosks (automatic service machines), mobile application or service center.

  3. Requirements for registration and privacy protection
    (1) By using the Service, you agree to follow these terms:
    • ●You agree to provide accurate and complete information about yourself when required by theService’s registration form (the "Registration Data") and ensure your Registration Data is kept up to date.
    • ●It is not allowed to obtain or use others’ data through theft, fraud or other improper means.
    • ●If you provide wrong, false, or incomplete information on the above categories, the System reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to all or part of the Service.
    • ●In the event that you change your personal information, your iPASS card has been stolen, or any other breach of security occurs, you must immediately notify the service center (0800-255900).
    (2) Privacy policy
    About your registration and other specific information to the Department of Pingtung County are all in accordance with "Personal Data Protection Act" to be protected and specifications. You understand when you use the Service, you agree within a reasonable range based on "Personal Data Protection Act" to collect and legal use of your personal data, including the transmission and storage of the system, Pingtung City public bicycle billing and settlement system, card and credit card issuing companies.

    (3) obligation
    • ●After completing the Service's registration process, applicants are required to keep the registered iPASS cards safe. You also agree to the following:
    • ●It is not allowed to obtain an electronic ticket card number through theft, fraud or other improper means.
    • ●In the event that your electronic ticket or electronic wallet has been stolen, or any other breach of security occurs, you must immediately notify the System. After each ride the public bike must be parked in a parking dock of the service system, and you must verify proper return and pay the fee using your electronic card.
    (4) Protection of Children and Adolescents
    If you are an incapacitated person or minor as set forth in the provisions of the Civil Code, in addition to compliance with the preceding paragraphs 3.(3), your parents (or guardians) should read, understand and agree to all the terms of thecontents of this service, before using or continuing to use the Service. When you use or continue to use the service, it is presumed that your parents (or guardians) have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these terms of service.

  4. Using the service and riding precautions
    • (1) You fully understand and agree that registration for the application to use the Service, and they are not meant to guarantee the use of the Service. As this Service concerns a public facility used by thepublic, the System does not warrant that the user can rent or return a bike each time (i.e. an empty parking dock being available); you agree that if such events occur you shallabsorb losses or damages. The only warranty which the System makes is, through the use of a management system to allocate dedicated bikes and personnel to distribute bikes, to achieve the optimal allocation of vehicles and parking docks.
    • (2) About the user's compliance obligations and commitments, you undertake that you will not use this Service for illegal purposes in illegal ways. You also undertake to abide by the“Road Traffic Safety Rules”and “Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act”. You agree and guarantee that you will not use this Service to infringe on other people’s rights nor to engage in illegal behavior.
    • (3) People under 14 years old is prohibited to ride; 14-18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
    • (4) If the user fails to timely return the bike, the user should take the initiative to contact the service center. Users overdue return the bike more than 24 hours, the service center will proactively contact the users, and as the case may contact police units to assist the inquiry. If you lose your bike, you should immediately notify the service center (0800-255900) and report the case with the local police and obtain a proof of report. Next, present the proof of report of loss of the bike to the service center.
    • (5) If you report and obtain a proof , you will not need to pay the compensation temporarily. If the bike has not been found more than three months, you have to pay the compensation in accordance with the residual value of the bike. The amount of compensation refer to the precautions . If you do not report, we will assume that you are overdue return (over 24 hours). The service center will proactively contact you to return as soon as possible, but has not yet returned, we will prosecute the responsible parties to the full extent of law.
    • (6) Please use a registered iPASS on the sensor area on the kiosk or dock to rent a bike. One person can only register with one card; the same card cannot be used for renting several bikes. The bike should be securely inserted into the parking dock when returning, and please follow the instructions at the station. Before paying your rental with iPASS card, please wait until the light indicates that the bike has been successfully returned. This ensures the entire process of rental and return is error-free.
    • (7) The bikes are only suitable for use by one person, extra passengers or heavy loading are not allowed, neither are the following items with carry:
      • ●illegal goods
      • ●dangerous goods
      • ●items that make the bike dirty
      • ●animals that are unfit to follow the bike
      • ●items that affect riding safety
    • (8) If any eventthat the user incurs a fine for a traffic violation happensduring the rental period, the user is responsible for paying the fine in full. If the bike is held by an authority, the rental fee from the time of rental until the retrieval notification from the authority concernedshall be borne by the user.
    • (9) In the event the bike involved in a collision or otherwise suffers damage which as a resultoffactorsnot attributable to users,please immediately notify the System service center. If this is attributable to users, rescue fees, repair fees, and rental fees, as well as all damage to third parties if applicable, must be borne by users. If users have the bike repaired elsewhere without the System’s permission, the System may askthe original manufacturer to offer a quotation for restorative repair.
    • (10)The user has the obligation to use the bike in good faith and protect it. It is not permitted to sell, encumber, or pledge the bike. If the bike suffers damage or stolenattributable to the user, the Systemwill report the case to the police for handling, and all the rights related to the damaged or missing bike will remain with the Pingtung county government.
    • (11)The public bike does not provide personal accident insurance, users should be self-insuredif necessary.
  5. Rental rates
    Free for the first 30mins, $10 NT per 30mins for registered iPASS cards. It will calculate to 30mins if using is less than 30mins。

  6. Change , termination, suspension or interruption of service
    • (1) You agree that the system was based on its sole discretion, for any reason, including but not limited tothe use of a certain period, the court or government agency commands, your own request, the service could not be continued or contentsof services substantively changed, unexpected technical or security problems, your fraud or illegal acts, not to pay, or other conditionsrecognized by system that you have violated the rule and spirit of registration provisions, and the system would terminate your right to use the service card.The system might also depend on their sole discretion, with or without notice in advance at any time,to terminate the Service or any part thereof. You agree that the services provided under this registration provision of any regulations would be terminated without prior notice at anytime, and you acknowledge and agree that this system would immediately deactivate or delete your registration, and stop using the Service. In addition, you agree that the termination of the Service should not be liable to user and any third party.
    • (2) You agree that the card you registered is not transferable, and any rights you have registered in the system would immediately terminate upon your death. The title of the registration provisions of the Department is for convenience only and has no legal or contractual effect. If any violation of the registration provisions, please immediately contact our service center system.
  7. Disclaimer
    • (1) You clearly understand and agree that: This service does not provide any express or implied warranties. The Service is provided “as it is” and “as it is provided”. You shall use the Service at your own risk. There is no guarantee of the following matters:
      • ● The service will meet your needs. The Service will be non-interrupted, or provided timely, safe and reliable, or error-free.
      • ● The results generated from access to the Service are correct or reliable.
      • ● The suggestions and information you access via the Service, written or verbal, will not constitute a guarantee for the Service.
    • (2) System Interruption or Power Failure
      • The Service might be interrupted or suffer power failure. Unless it is due to the force majeure (including natural disasters and telecommunication operator factors), this system will publish such interruption or power failure in advance. The rental for the bicycle returned in the duration of the interruption or power failure will be settled to the start time of the interruption or power failure.The system will not be liable for the damage suffered by you for use of (or failure to use) the Service
  8. Updating, modification and termination of these Terms of Service
    The Service reserves at any time, without notice at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently providing the Service (or any part thereof) rights. You agree that the system is no liability to you or any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinue providing the Service .
Service line:0800-255900
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