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Ahou City Gate
Ahou City Gate

˙Address:Jhongshan Park



˙OpenTime: All day


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˙Spot instruction:
Ahou is the former name for Pingtung City was built in 1836 (16th year of Emperor Dao-Guang’s reign in Ching Dynasty) with funds donated by local gentries in fear of bandits which could threaten the lives of the city residents. Because Ahou City was not under the jurisdiction of the government at the time. Ahou City used to have 4 gates, located at North, South, East West. However, due to lack of maintenance in addition to road reconstruction during the Japanese Occupation Era, most of the walls were removed with only an opening of the East Gate remained. Known as today’s Zhaoyan Gate situated beside Jhongshan Park, the East Gate is now listed as a Historical Site in the 3rd Category by the Taiwanese government.
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