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TziFong Temple
TziFong Temple

˙Address:No.39, Zhongshan Rd.



˙OpenTime:All day


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˙Spot instruction:
During the reign of Emperor Yongli in the Ming Dynasty, a Matsu-worshipping monk crossed the Taiwan Strait from Fujian landed in A-Ho (today’s Pingtung City). Initially, the Statue of Matsu was temporarily placed in the City Office for the public to worship, but ever since then, a flash of red glare would appear every mid-night. At first no one could comprehend the meaning behind such phenomenon. It was not until some time later that the public realized that it was a miracle decided to build a temple to enshrine Matsu. The miracle brought TziFong Temple into existence in the year of 1737 (2nd year of Emperor Qianlong’s reign in Ching Dynasty) was praised by the worshippers for generations.
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