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The Zhong-Sheng-Gong Memorial
The Zhong-Sheng-Gong Memorial

˙Address:No.23, Qianren Ln.



˙OpenTime:Tus~ Sat 09:00~17:00


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˙Spot instruction:
The Zheng clan moved from Guang-Dong Province of China to Taiwan at Ciian-Long, Ziia-Ciing times of Ciing Dynasty. After several generations’ industrious management, they finally got rich. To honor their ancestors show off the success, their off-springs built the Zhong-Sheng-Gong Memorial in 1929. Here they worship an ancestor known for his fidelity, Seng Zheng, who was a disciple of Confucius had been entitled as Zhong-Sheng-Gong by emperors since then. Zhong-Sheng-Gong Memorial combines traditional Hakka courtyard house gorgeous Baroque style. It is one of the biggest best decorated clan memorials in Taiwan.
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