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TzongLan Hsiao Family Historical Residence
TzongLan Hsiao Family Historical Residence

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The TzongLan Hsiao Family Historical Residence was built in accordance to traditional Canton building design in 1880 has a history of over 130 years.
During the reign of Emperor Qianlong in Ching Dynasty, the Hsiao Family ancestor, Hsiao Wei-Tian, crossed the Taiwan Strait started his life in Taiwan as a farmer. Later, he engaged himself in the sugar trade business which later prospered transformed him into an incredible wealthy man with accumulating riches.
Ke-Yu-Hsuan, situated right beside the Residence. After Taiwan was restored from Japanese occupation, the generous Hsiao Family also provided spaces for the Farmer’s Association to run schools free of ge in alleviating financial burdens brought by education enforced upon local children.
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