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Pingtung Tutorial Academy
Pingtung Tutorial Academy

˙Address:No.38, Shengli Rd.



˙OpenTime:Mon~Fri 08:00~17:00、Sat~Sun 08:00~16:00


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˙Spot instruction:
In the year of 1815 (20th year of Emperor Chiaching’s reign in Ching Dynasty), Hsiadanshui County Deputy Governor Wu Hsing-Chung along with Scholar Guo Tsui Lin Meng Yang proposed to build Pingtung Tutorial Academy (otherwise known as Confucius Temple) in attempt to revive local scholastic conducts. Despite numerous relocations renovations, the original framework of the Academy’s lecture hall, worship shrine dormitory were preserved to fully demonstrate spatial acteristics unique to traditional tutorial academy architectures. Pingtung Tutorial Academy is Pingtung’s oldest architectural remnant as well as the only academic building within the boundary of Pingtung.
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