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Trip To Wannian River

Trip To Wannian River

Travel SpotsWannian River Landscape Bridge、Pingtung Sugar Refinery、Yuhuang Temple、Pingtung Millennium Park、PingTung Local Art Museum、Ruiguang Night Market

Travel Time1 day required

Travel Introduction:
Pingtung Station → Wannian River Landscape Bridge → Wannian River Bikeway → Labor Recreation Center → Wannian Park → Pingtung City Office → Pingtung Sugar Refinery → Pingtung Night Market → The Zhong-Sheng-Gong Memorial → Yuhuang Temple → Culture Affairs Department → Pingtung Millennium Park → PingTung Local Art Museum → Pingtung Welfare Service College Center → Ruiguang Night Market → Pingtung Station
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Trip To Wannian River
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